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This year’s theme: Finding Joy!

Inspired by The Book of Joy with the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, this year we will explore what brings us joy, meaning and purpose, and how to access healing and growth through yoga, meditation, and self-reflection.

Similar to past retreats we will investigate the time-honored tradition of the yoga path and its teachings. This year we will discuss the Kleshas and how we can bring this wisdom into a modern context by connecting the physical body with the mind and emotions to promote self-discovery.

Each retreat will include:

  • 4 yoga classes with Laurie VanCott, Gorge Yoga
  • The Kleshas: Friday evening lecture with Meg Becker
  • Acupuncture group session
  • An evening Sound Bat 

​All meals are provided by Petra Knapp of Native Provisions.

There will also be time to relax, renew, and reflect by providing opportunities for connection and deep conversation, journaling, or walking the grounds of the Abbey.

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