What is the Trout Lake Abbey? 


The Abbey is the product of a 20-year friendship between a Zen Buddhist monk and a Druid priest. Ven. Thay Kozen and Rev. Kirk Thomas initially created this dynamic 23 acre sanctuary as a home for their two faiths and a place for people of all beliefs to find peace.

The land was originally a farm, and while our flower gardens and landscaping embellish the sacred spaces, we continue this relationship to the soil as a WSDA certified organic producer. You will find rows of vegetable beds lush with greens in the spring/summer and fruit trees dripping with pears, apples and plums in the fall.

We host a variety of retreats throughout the year- many Buddhist or Druid in nature, but also yoga, qigong, Chinese medicine, dance and music. Folks join us on private retreats as well, during which they may meditate with our monks in the temple, walk our lavender labyrinth or read a book by the pond.


Our Mission


Our mission is to support the well-being of all living things and provide a space for people to explore whatever spiritual path to which they are drawn.

The White Mountain Druid Sanctuary

The White Mountain Druid Sanctuary is an open, public institution on the grounds of Trout Lake Abbey. We have a cob-built Sanctuary, a large Stone Circle, and numerous shrines to various gods and goddesses. We are committed to providing public ritual and we host Druid festivals and celebrate the Neopagan High Holidays.

The Mt. Adams Zen Buddhist Temple at Trout Lake Abbey Spiritual Retreat Center

Mt. Adams Buddhist Temple

The Mount Adams Buddhist Temple is small country temple with both Northern & Southern Chan (Thien) traditions. Our mission is to work towards the cessation of suffering by providing Meditation and Dharma (the teachings) education and support for our community.


Bed & Breakfast

Part of the Trout Lake Abbey’s spiritual retreat center, the Bed & Breakfast can accommodate your lodging needs. 

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Spiritual Retreat Center

As a spiritual retreat center, the Trout Lake Abbey hosts groups and individuals immersing in meditation, qi-gong, yoga, shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), acupuncture, art, and more.

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Retreat & Event Calendar

Trout Lake Abbey hosts a variety of events and retreats throughout the year, many of which are open to the public.

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