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We will celebrate Samhain (pronounced SOW-en), the Feast of our Sacred Dead, at the White Mountain Druid Sanctuary at Trout Lake Abbey. This will be an Irish Celebration of the Goddess Morrigan and the Gods An Dagda and Donn.

Samhain is called the Hinge of the Year and may have been the ancient Irish New Year. At this liminal time, the ‘veils’ between the Worlds are thinner than usual, and Spirits are more easily contacted. We hold our rites around sunset, which is a liminal time of day, making our connections even stronger.

We will hold this rite outdoors in the Stone Circle. Be prepared to honor any of your Sacred Dead who have passed on since Samhain last year. We will be honoring the Goddess Morrigan, She of War, Death, and Destruction; the God An Dagda, the ‘Good God’ and He of Great Appetite, and Generosity; and the God Donn, King of the Dead.

Appropriate offerings for our Ancestors include pork or other food, beer, or items of sentimental value, etc. Offerings for the Morrigan include red wine, chocolate, whiskey, etc. Offerings for the Dagda include porridge, whiskey, beer, pork, etc. Offerings for Donn may be foods, whiskey, or beer, but His offerings should not be shared with anyone, including yourself. As always, praise offerings of song, poetry,  dance, etc. are always welcome.

There will be a potluck following the ritual, held in the main house.

Please contact the office to inquire about lodging options: 509.395.2030/business@tlabbey.com

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