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A 4-week intro to mindfulness course for anyone with a chronic GI condition to learn how to calm stress & flare less.
Mindfulness is a proven, effective tool for helping people with a chronic GI disorder to regulate & increase stress resilience.
No experience needed.

What to Expect

You will learn key concepts for mindfulness & GI psychology through pre-recorded lectures & weekly live classes.

You will connect with a community of others sharing a similar journey & practice meditation daily.

You will walk away with a practical understanding of how to meditate & incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.

Week 1
Mindfulness | Intro to Mindfulness
GI Psych | The GI Stress Cycle

Week 2
Mindfulness | Working with Thoughts & Beliefs
GI Psych | Worry Focused on Health

Week 3
Mindfulness | Mindfulness of Emotions
GI Psych | Working with Emotions

Week 4
Mindfulness | Our Wise Heart
GI Psych | Self-Compassion for Better Coping

Each week has 3 parts

1 | Two pre-recorded lessons

1 lesson on mindfulness
1 lesson on GI psychology

Each lesson builds on the core concepts of the previous week. By the end of the 4 weeks you’ll have a good foundation for how to practice mindfulness & how it applies to your GI health.

2 | Guided meditations

You’ll have a guided meditations for your daily practice to deepen your understanding and felt experience of mindfulness.

Courses like this one are proven to be effective at helping people make significant shifts and build useful skills. However, it is only the people that actually practice that get the benefits.

3 | A live, online meeting to practice together, connect & discuss

Having a live meeting will be helpful for you to

Connect with other people with similar health issues
Practice mindfulness with others
Have accountability
Be able to have your questions answered
The live meetings are the part of the class that people tend to get the most learning & meaning from.

Extra | Private Facebook group

Ask questions & connect with others with GI conditions.

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