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Four different teachers will rotate talks with a Dharma talk, meditation, sutra, and metta practices. 🙏

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All are welcome to be a part of our morning service. Experience not necessary. Those of any faith or lack thereof are welcome. All that is required is an open mind to learn how to promote wellness, happiness, love, and peace to oneself and all sentient beings. Typically a service will include the following:

* Check in. (How you’re doing.)
* Silent meditation, seated on cushion, chair, or one of the pews.
* Dharma talk from either Thay Kozen or one of five other teachers. (Buddhist teaching on how to alleviate suffering and promote happiness and peace.)
* Metta practice. (Loving kindness.)
* Sutra recitation and discussion. (Sutras are the written Dharma teachings.)
* Much love and laughter.

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