CONTACT: 46 Stoller Rd., Trout Lake WA 98650

E-mail:      Telephone:  509.395.2030
Trout Lake Abbey is a Limited Liability Corporation which operates the organic farm and B&B. TLA leases the gardens, orchards, and some buildings to the Mount Adams Zen Center and the ADF group for $1.00 per year.

Trout Lake Abbey – How we got our name

The previous owner of Trout Lake Abbey was a wonderful woman named Abby Gail Layton. She taught Jewish lore and mysticism as well as Mindfulness Meditation and ran a small eco-sustainable Spiritual Retreat Center on her Certified Organic farm. She continues to teach mindfulness meditation on the Southern Oregon Coast.

One day while we were in town just after purchasing the farm, we were introduced to someone as ‘friends of Abby’. The local asked, “the Trout Lake Abby or the White Salmon Abby?” Well the name “Trout Lake Abbey” just sort of evolved from this conversation. We changed the spelling from Abby to Abbey to indicate our religious intent.

Abby did a wonderful job of building and preparing so many things for us. She had to sell the farm when she developed MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and became overwhelmed with the amount of work required to run everything. We remain grateful to her for the wonderful things she started and we carry on many of her endeavors. We share many of Abby’s dreams and have added our own to the mix, creating a wonderful rich broth of Dharma, Earth, ADF, and loving kindness.

Thank you Abby! You have given us a grand start!