Yes! You are welcome to come visit the property. Anytime during the day is usually fine for people to wander about and sightsee.  Please keep as quiet as possible. Please be mindful that most indoor areas require you to take off your shoes.  Families and small groups are welcome.  For groups over 6 please call ahead and schedule your visit so someone can give you an orientation.  Sometimes we have private retreats, at such times access to the property may be limited or denied.  You are welcome to call ahead to check the status.

Yes, we share our property with both the Zen Temple and The White Mountain Druid Sanctuary.  For more information about either of these organizations, please visit their websites at:

As a facility policy, we strongly discourage bringing your pets. If a visitor brings a pet, we ask that animal be leashed and remains with the owner or in a secure area (car or cage).  We allow pets to be kept in a vehicle with temperatures from 34 to 70 degrees F  (1.1 to 21.1C). Below or over that temperature may cause injury to your pet.  Service animals are allowed in some of our rooms. Due to people’s allergies to some rooms are keep pet and animal free.

You can purchase our eggs at our farm store on property, the Trout Lake Grocery or at the Farm Stand in Hood River, OR. Produce will be available fresh when in season and preserved (in jams, jellies and dehydrated) in our farm store year round.

Breakfast is included for all reservations inside the B&B. Please make sure to notify Claire of any food allergies or sensitivities when making your reservation.   For personal retreat, simple ovo-lacto vegetarian breakfasts are included but lunch and dinner are not.

Please inquire with retreat facilitators about meals for all other retreats.  

Step 1: First, you’ll need to decide if you’d like to come on a personal retreat or attend one of our structured retreat events.   Personal retreats are self-guided stays on our property where you determine your daily activities (walking, sitting, reading, sleeping, farm chores— whatever you personally need at this time in your life).  Structured retreats will vary depending on whether you attend one of the retreats put on by the Mt. Adams Zen Buddhist Temple or an outside group facilitating a retreat on our property.

Step 2:  For structured retreats: please check the Trout Lake Abbey Calendar and the Mt. Adams Zen Buddhist Temples page for upcoming events

For (first time) personal retreats through the Buddhist temple:   Please fill out an application here

*Returning visitors can call to make a reservation for a personal retreat without an application.

To simply stay and relax in our B&B, please call the business office at 509.395.2030 to make a  reservation.

Step 3: Breathe in the fresh mountain air rolling off of Mt. Adams! 

Please refer to the temple website for updated times of services

Please contact Claire in our business office at 509.395.2030 to find out more and start the planning process.  We welcome a wide array of groups and types of retreats- from yoga and meditation to Sufi zikrs and non-profit board meetings.  Our space is flexible and welcoming, as are we.

Check in begins at 3pm and check out is 11 am.  It is usually not a problem for guests to arrive early but please inquire with the business office if needed.

“Druidry is a modern religion based upon our understanding of the ancient, pre-Christian religions of Europe and India. A Druid is a person who reveres Nature and whose practice is to form relationships with Spirits and other people through the process of gift-exchange. The ancient phrase, “I give so that you may give,” describes these relationships very well. Druids perform rituals in honor of the Spirits on a regular basis, but especially on the 8 High Holidays of the Solstices and Equinoxes and the dates half-way in between them.” – Rev. Kirk Thomas

Yes! All are welcome to attend Druid ceremonies. Please notify Claire in the business office, at 509.395.2030, that you will be in attendance and book lodging if necessary.  You can also email and ask to be added to the White Mountain Druid Sanctuary newsletter which will notify you of all upcoming high day celebrations. 

Arrange a visit.  With the ideal comes the actual, like a box with its lid.  Rarely do our expectations match up with reality.  We recommend a time as a lay resident prior to making a decision to start the process of ordination.

Every Monday to Friday morning, the temple holds a work period from 8:30 am to 11:30 am.  There are a wide variety of projects that people can help with, based upon their abilities. All help is welcome. On the second Saturday of the month June-October), the temple hosts a Community Work Day.

Yes we do.  Please look on our website

Mount Adams Zen Buddhist Temple is an incorporated nonprofit and all donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.  Your dollars provide for our existence and are greatly appreciated.

Donations should be made payable to:

Mt Adams Zen Buddhist Temple  PO Box 487, Trout Lake WA 98650

For more information, please visit our webpage 

Yes. You can request a current list of needed items by contacting the temple.