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The daylong workshop has been cancelled.

Instead, please join us for a Women’s Circle and Dance next Saturday May 18th from 5.30-9.30pm at the Trout Lake Abbey.

A note from the WTR leaders regarding the change:

Well… the work is working on us too… as we went to bring form to the details of the planned May 18th daylong workshop, we could feel that the Women’s Work and the Work that Reconnects are each ready to have their own path.  We have cancelled the May 18th daylong workshop. The WTR, the grief work, and the ceremony will all continue. What is being asked for on this day is to gather the women, to co-create a circle together, and then to dance 5Rhythms guided by Sara.  

The women’s work is ripe for our intention and attention.  Wonderful things happen when we come together, in all the different ways and places we do.  We (Kaye and Erika) feel distinctly that this women’s work is asking to move into the collective, to be lead and held by many.  We know how to do this.

So, we hope some of you can join us May 18th with our circle convening at 5.30pm. Arrive anytime after 4pm for a bring- your own-picnic and conversations 4-5.30, before we begin at 5.30pm. We will continue into dance in the 7pm hour for those that choose. Sliding scale $20-40 covers dance and space rental. If you plan to be there please RSVP to kaye@broadforkfarmtl.com.  For overnight accommodations at the Trout Lake Abbey please contact Claire at business@tlabbey.com.

The Work that Reconnects stands on its own beautifully as a path to awareness and action, one that we love, and will continue to practice. Please email us if you have specific interest in that work (kaye@broadforkfarmTL.com) to be added to the WTR group list.  We will be gathering later in the year, on WTR/Joanna Macy, with Gorge and PDX folks.

As always, please reach out with questions or anything at all.

With love, and wonder-

Erika and Kaye