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Women & Dharma
Taking our Seat: Embodying the Soft Power of the Feminine with Erin Mychele Selover


About this Event

Join us for a day of dharma in the company of other women, as we explore together our experience as female practitioners in this tradition.

The day will include time in nature, meditation, reflection and in circle together. In this series, started in 2018, we will gather twice yearly, finding nourishment, by sharing our journey with one another and learning from visiting teachers from a variety of traditions within the Buddha Dharma.

We are blessed to have Erin Mychele Selover as our visiting teacher in October, and our day is entitled “Taking our Seat: Embodying the Soft Power of the feminine.”

Soft power does not seek to dominate or submit but to collaborate with all of life, the trees, the animals, the earth, the unseen and the mystery. Soft power deeply listens both internally and externally to find solutions and possibilities that otherwise lie dormant without her ear.

Soft Power knows when it’s time rest and lie underneath a willow tree letting life take care of the tasks that her mind says only she can accomplish. Soft power takes a stand for life in small and large ways everyday. Soft Power in critical moments is willing to risk everything for truth.

In the midst of our global climate, economic and social crisis it is essential that we gather as women to collectively tap into the paradigm of power we have always known in our cells and now are collectively embodying more and more. The Buddhist Teaching of the Four Noble Truths, orient us how live with dignity, courage, power and presence in the face of the inevitable pain life presents. The retreat will focus on embodying soft power, our innate dignity that meets life with love and strength and she presents herself to us and through us.


Please join us, experienced practitioner or new to dharma. ALL self identified women are welcome- across the vast gender spectrum. Come as you are!

Registration Information:

Registration covers your attendance and lunch. The profits from this event go towards building the Women and Dharma program ongoing. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, if you don’t see a registration option that works for you please email Kaye. There will be an opportunity to give dana, thank you, to the teachers and Mt Adams Zen Buddhist Temple on the day of. Dana is a time honored way to complete the circle of generosity between teacher and student.

Please register online thru eventbrite. Please contact Kaye with questions or to be added to the women and dharma mailing list kaye@broadforkfarmtl.com.



What to Bring

  • Water bottle
  • Journal
  • Layers to be comfortable practicing inside and outside – temps can still be cool in the valley in October
  • Essential snacks (lunch is provided)


About the Teachers

Erin Mychele Selover is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Strategic Coach, Consultant with Courageous Leadership and serves on the Teachers Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Erin currently has a strategic coaching practice where she specializes in working with women in the realm of both the practical and the spiritual. One of Erin’s missions is to empower women to boldly vision the world they want to live in and then accompany them in co-creating it. Erin specializes in collaborative-based leadership and creating systems that allow the insight of our mutual inter-dependence and belonging to be realized.

As a meditation teacher, Erin integrates systemic and cultural factors of oppression into teachings on mindfulness and compassion that are often only taught from an interpersonal and intrapersonal lens. With a passion for systemic change, Erin’s teachings broaden the field of mindfulness to look at the how Buddhist teachings can help us understand systems of oppression such as patriarchy, white supremacy and modern economics.

Kaye Jones is a homesteader in Trout Lake, an educator, and mother of three. She is a student of relationships, reality, and complexity ~ as understood through the lens of the dharma and natural systems. Kaye has her MSc in Holistic Science from Schumacher College, and is a student of Tibetan Buddhism. Her study of Vajrayana is in the lineage of Chogyam Trungpa and Dharma Ocean. Joanna Macy has been Kaye’s root teacher and collaborator since 2004.


We will gather again in Spring 2020.

Women and Dharma is a Kaye Jones/Broadfork Farm program graciously hosted by our friends at the Trout Lake Abbey and Mt Adams Zen Buddhist Temple.