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Ulambana, sometimes referred to as “ancestor day”, is celebrated during the 1st through the 15th days of the 7th lunar month.  It is believed that the gates of hell are opened on the first day and ghosts are free to visit the world throughout this time, during which offerings are made to relieve their suffering. 

This day also marks the completion of the monastic’s “rains retreat” (named for the coinciding of this time with monsoon rains in many Asian countries), during which they remain in one place for 3 months in order to concentrate on the teachings of the Buddha. It is considered that many monastics would have made progress during their retreat and therefore become a greater field of merit. Lay devotees make offerings on behalf of their ancestors and dedicate the merit towards those suffering in the Preta realm to relieve their suffering. 

Join us for morning temple at 9:00am and a potluck lunch to follow