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Finding Balance Between Practice and Action


Come enjoy the unique beauty of Trout Lake Abbey as we celebrate the Autumn Equinox in a creative and mindful way. This retreat will balance silence and creative exploration to deepen our faith and trust in the dharma as we navigate challenging times. Autumn Equinox is the day when the world comes into equilibrium and we prepare for harvest.

To hold the world together, knowing we cannot separate the light from the dark, we will strengthen our equanimity, the inclusion of all things, by inviting in the Bodhisattvas, “Never Disparaging” and “Great Aspiration”. Along with cultivating our meditation practice, the use of story and creative processes, such as writing, soulcollage®, and ritual, will awaken our intuition and imagination. As a community we can then weave together a vision for peacefully stepping forth, generously offering our unique gifts to heal our precious planet. Together, we will sit, walk, eat and share, with gratitude for the fruits of our collective wisdom.

Alexa Singer-Telles, a dharma teacher in the Plum Village tradition, will return to Trout Lake Abbey, to offer a unique combination of mindful meditation, creative explorations, and ritual to support a deep connection to inner wisdom and a healthy engagement with the world. Alexa is a licensed marriage and family therapist, registered SoulCollage® facilitator, and a lover of poetry and story. As an elder, her intention is to integrate the teachings of the dharma with a sense of aliveness by bringing beauty into form.


Retreat Registration: $90.00
Send $40.00 non-refundable deposit to:
MROIS, 781 Cherry Ave.,
Eugene, OR 97404

Balance due at the time of the event.

Dana will be requested for the teacher and the facility


To Arrange Lodging: Contact the Trout Lake Abbey at 509.395.2030 or business@tlabbey.com


Questions? Contact Lucy Kingsley at lucykingsley42@gmail.com