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All Natural Organic Brown Eggs
Certified Organic and Animal Welfare Approved.

Our chickens are raised in a cage free, free range, certified organic fruit orchard. They are fed a diet of 100% organic grains with fresh organic greens and fruit added to supplement their feed in the winter months. We use no hormones, routine antibiotics, stimulants or any chemical additives.

We do not kill any chicken for meat so as they age we end up as a nursing home for retired chickens.

We are state licensed and inspected as egg producers.
Available in Trout Lake at the Trout Lake General Store and at the Abbey. Also available in Hood River, Oregon, at Farm Stand in the Gorge.

We have 8 breeds of chickens at The Abbey:
Silver Laced Wyandottes (black and white feathers)
White Orphingtons and Buff Orphingtons (white or yellow, and very mellow chickens)
Light Brahmas (black and white with feathers around their feet)
Black Australorps (jet black chickens that can be a bit aggressive)
Araucanas (they lay blue or green eggs!)
Barred Rocks (black and white speckled hens).
Rhode Island Red
These birds are known as "heavy breeds" which produce wonderful and nutritious brown (or green) eggs.

When a Buddhist monk tends the chickens at night they will chant a blessing and ask for a peaceful life for the chickens.

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